* Size: 24mm x 42mm
* Capacity: 3.5ml
* Material: Pyrex Glass + Stainless Steel
* Thread: 510 Thread

* 1x Hector RTA
* 2x Set o-rings
* 4x Screws

I have always been a fan of RTA tanks but I have never seen them as cheap and as short as the Arctic Dolphin Hector. The arctic hector is available for only $14.90 from efuntop here
With its small size, it can still hold up to 3.5 mL of e-juice and that is pretty generous. .

There are no coils yet on it as you receive it but do not worry, the velocity deck is easy to build. It is actually one of the greatest innovations of the past world of builds. J Filling? That is so easy since it is not hard to have the device unscrewed. It also features a bottom airflow system which makes great flavor because it comes from beneath the coils. Well if you are urging for more airflow, Arctic dolphin hector provides extra o-rings. It does heat dissipation up to 60%! Almost perfect I would say. The drip tip fits well in my mouth and it has a very unique design. As I go through it, the Rohs drip tip provides concentrated air because of its internal design.

Steel type 304 has a higher chromium and lower carbon content which makes it so resisted to rust. It withstands corrosion from acids that may oxidize it. It gives out an attractive interface and clean finish.

The Hector Dolphin also has an adjustable electrode which helps him to do easy adjustments on wattage input that will be given by mods.

So I used it with my ijoy maxo zenith, which is currently built with Limitless RDTA and Therion DNA166. Can you feel just how much I am in love my ijoy maxo? It is the one I always use lately. Going back, I did build them with dual coils, freshly wicked with my pineapple flavored juice. I had the mod set up on 75 watts then changed the tank on the eight time of a 5 second puff session. Believe me or not, it gave no dry hit just like my lovely Limitless. I did interchange them, then I jumped to 105 watts to see how much the hector could take with the same number of 5 second puffs and still, no dry hit and oh, no leaking even if I had it refilled.


1. It is 24mm in diameter so it fits mostly on different kinds of mods.

2. I love how the design is made. It seems to be so strong.

3. We should not underestimate it because of its price because it does better than what it seems.

4. It looks small but occupies a lot of juice.

5. It does not leak.

6. It is very adaptive to heat changes.


1. I wish they would be able to make it more adjustable when it comes to coils since it is produced without one. I usually use Clapton coils and it does not fit.

I would list this is as one of the elites of the RTA family. Some people might say that it would not play a good vaping session because it is cheap and might even think that the materials are cheap. This is a complete opposite. Out of 10, I will give it a 9. Hector is simply amazing.