Arymi recently introduced this K80 100W Box mod and you can get this from two different kits, the KGM80 or KD80. Arymi is making a name for themselves in the vaping community by marketing good products with easy on the pocket prices. They are a subsidiary of Kangertech which is a well-known maker of great mods and tanks.

The differences between the two kits are the tanks that come with the it. KD80 kit comes with their newest rebuildable tank, the Arymi Rota. While the KGM80 kit comes with Gille Mega Tank. Let’s take a closer look at the two different kits along with K80 100W Box mod.

K80 100W Box mod
First look of the K80 100W Box Mod and I noticed the simplicity of their design. It is just a simple rectangular box mod with a slight curvature at the backside. It features a stainless-steel body that measures 88mm x 49.6mm x 30mm. It has a 510-threaded spring loaded connection at the top which is compatible with most of the atomizers in the market. This box has an adjustable wattage control ranging from 5 – 100W and is firmware upgradeable.

The good thing about this box is that it can be powered with a single or dual18650 batteries for extra battery life. You can turn the device on or off with the usual 5 clicks on the firing button.

At the front, you will see the firing button, a small LED screen that will show your wattage, two control buttons, and the mini USB port for charging and firmware upgrades. There are 5 LED lights at the side of the mod that will serve as the battery indicator. I strongly discourage you guys to charge the batteries inside the device, it is a lot safer and faster to charge using an external charger. This is a very simple high wattage box mod no extra menus just straight up mod.


I tested this box using my geekvape ammit rdta and compared it with my RX 200s. I had it at 45W and my resistance was reading at 0.18ohms. The buttons were responsive and I did not get any misfires at all. I noticed while testing the mod at the higher wattage, 80W, it was somewhat underpowered. I had it tested side by side with the RX using the same atty and the result was significantly different. I got more power and more vapor from the RX. I am not sure how accurate the higher wattage output of this box but it was definitely underpowered.

Gille Mega Tank
The Gille Mega Tank is of the newest tanks from Arymi. It was designed and manufactured by Kangertech as mentioned at the manuals and at the branding on the bottom of the atomizer. It has unique design and features that will suit the flavor chasers.

Looking closely at the tank, it has a 510-chuff cap drip tip but it is also compatible with the usual 510 tips in the market, which is a good thing. The top cap is divided into two sections, the upper part is the one that holds the coil in place and it is where you prime the coil. While the lower part is the one that holds the tank in place, it is what you unscrew to pour in the juice.

The tank has a 510 non-adjustable connection at the bottom which is compatible with most of the mods.

It also has four non-adjustable air holes and it was designed to directly get the vapor from the coil to maximize the flavor. It features a unique spit back protection to block the excess juice going to your mouth. And has a capacity of 3.5ml and you can see on the tank the indicator to how much juice you can put into it.

The Gille Mega tank comes with a preinstalled 0.50-ohm coil that you can vape at 40W – 60W. This was what I used to test this tank together with the K80 box mod set at 45W, which the company suggested as the best wattage for the coils. The result was surprisingly great. The amount of flavor that I got was excellent with decent vapor production. Tested it at a higher wattage, 70W, was a bad idea. I got dry hits and hot vapor. Make sure to follow the company’s suggested wattage and don’t vape it past 60W.


  • No spit backs. The spit back protection is an excellent added feature on the tank.
  • No leaking. I had it in my bag during my travel with juice inside and I did not have any leaks.
  • Excellent flavor. The flavor production on this thing is above average. The way they positioned the pipes for the airflow helped get the maximum flavor of the juice.
  • Rewickable. You can save money by just changing the cotton and no longer have to buy new coil heads.


  • Non-adjustable airflow. For me, the airflow is very restricted which is affecting the amount of vapor that I get.
  • Heat issue. This may also be an effect of having restricted airflow. The top part of the tank is heating up after 4 puffs. You cannot use this for chain vaping.