* – Air Heating (Convection)- High-Speed Heat Up Time
* – Adjustable Temperature 320ºf – 430ºf
* – Micro Usb Charging
* – Battery Level
* – Compact 5″ Tall


* – (1) Aegis Vaporizer
* – (1) Silicon Filter
* – (1) Packing Tool
* – (1) Cleaning Brush
* – (1) Micro-Usb Cable
* – (1) User Manual

A protector by the definition itself, Atmos is in definite support by Aegis in providing awesomeness in the world of dry herb vaporizers. It uses the convection type of heating where the warmed air travels around and through herb – the herb is not heated directly.
The atmos aegis is available directly from them for $139.95
We recommend buying directly from atmosrx to make sure you have their 5 year warranty.

The mouthpiece is easy to detach, you just have to twist it. It is indeed an easy access vaporizer. Below the mouthpiece is the silicone filter that makes cleaning simple. This filter also prevents even the smallest particle of your herb to go out. If you think if it affects the flavor, yes it does. It makes vape sessions purer and flavorful. Silicone is also designed to be used in high temperature which makes it so ideal for extreme thermal session. The Atmos Aegis also has this isolated airflow design which makes it safer.

Click the center button of the device 3 times and you’ll have it turned on. It will provide you a very simple menu that shows the device current temperature and remaining batteries. It has wide selection of temperature – from 320 to 430 degree Fahrenheit that is good enough for any dry herbs.

Thinking it has a pretty built in battery? Yes it does with its 1650 mAh battery. It is good enough for a day of smoking. We have a micro-USB charging port. I tried to use them simultaneously, well it works but I don’t recommend such hobby. It is better to wait for it to be fully charged than to regret might happen when it overheats.

I regularly use 347 degree Fahrenheit and 392 degree Fahrenheit. So I clicked it 3 times and start my session. I had Da Vinci IQ opened as well. I set them both to 347 degree Fahrenheit and man, they almost come pretty close the same on the finish line of perfect heating, and the Atmos Aegis was just behind for like seconds more to get the same taste. Doing on both devices a 5 second puff, the Aegis was able to meet my expectations – good clouds and pure taste vapor. Aside from these two, the air was not warm, very smooth vaporizer. I hit them both for 8 puffs and they both produced the same taste and feeling until the end.

To have a more comparison between the two, I had them jumped up to 430 degree Fahrenheit. Surprisingly, they were able to yield good vapor at the same time! Same flavor and almost the same clouds, Aegis is now one of my favorites.

After a while, I had it opened, I got no stain on the chamber and the silicone was indeed easy to clean.


1. It is very handy and pocket sized. It is a literal on-the-go vaporizer.

2. I love how the security of flavor brought by the silicone filter inside the mouthpiece.

3. The high-speed heat up when you change temperature is a definite plus.


1. The isolated airflow should be at least adjustable.

2. The up and down buttons are small.

Out of all the vaporizers I have, this one is the best on hand, very ergonomic. If I would rate it from 1 to 10, might as well give it an 8. It almost matched my favorite vaporizer which is the Da Vinci IQ. I am still looking forward for Atmos’ innovation in the vaping industry.