* Material: Dry herb
* Temperature Range: 250F-430F; 3 pre-set heat modes
* Heating: Conduction
* Weight: 5 oz.
* Dimensions: 1.65” W x 3.54” H x 0.94” D
* Heat-Up Time: 16 seconds
* Charging Time: 3 hours
* Warranty: 10-year warranty
* Air Path: Ceramic Zirconia
* Extras: Smartphone app for additional controls
* Battery: 1850 rechargeable/replaceable
* Colors: Blue, Copper, Gunmetal (green), Stealth (black)


* DaVinci IQ vaporizer
* USB charging cable
* Herb funnel
* Alcohol wipes
* 10mm adapter
* Chimney brush

This is a real advance interface of a dry herb vaporizer! It’s small and lightweight size gives you more than what you think it can. Its predecessor is Ascent. Well, just a pure honesty in here, it is a big leap for DaVinci.

The DaVinci IQ is a 360o conduction heating vaporizer with a rechargeable and replaceable 18650 battery. It has a small handy design and sleek shape. I received a matte black one and the color makes it pleasingly graceful and stylish in any of my OOTDs, its also available in 3 other colours as pictured. It also has a simple LED display for bare indication of status.

Going through its parts, the device itself is almost made of ceramic Zirconia except for the silicone gasket. Do you know that Zirconia has the highest mechanical strength out of all ceramics? Aside from that feature, it is one of the best heat insulators with fast thermal conductivity. The polished oven chamber is ceramic, so as the flavor chamber which is an air path infuser. It also has this ball that is detachable from the air path infuser for fuller flavor.

The 10mm adapter or straw mouthpiece makes vaping easy to pump, together with the silicon gasket that is air tight for max vapor production.
davindi iq dry herb vaporizer
Seeing more of its bright side of advancement, it has this integrated application named Smart Paths. SP has 4 presets where you can choose how the temperature will raise over the flow of your session. You have the ability to change this preset. You can use this app as well on having the device turned on and off. So what I put on my first route is 320o to 360o. The device itself automatically shuts down to rest for every 10 minutes. Once it turned off, you can actually change on a different path. DaVinci IQ is good for 3 to 10 seconds pull. I used it at 350oF and was able to have a session of 75 minutes. Its batteries get full for around 3 hours. . Not bad, huh?

Finally, there comes this so-called BOOST MODE. You just need to hold down the power button then it’ll start the boost mode. LED will be going upward on its display. Versatility at its finest!


* Good Shape and Size

* Haptic Feedback

* Removable Battery

* MicroUSB Charging Port

* Fast and Keen Vapor Production

* Good conduction which gives great flavor

* Integrated Application

* Very customizable


* The Silicon gasket – I am thinking that it should’ve been ceramic as well, to make it uniformed and I guess might even give better performance.

* The Zirconian ball is easy to lose.

* Fast oven staining.

It is a lot of improvement compared to their previous product. It is like a “when puberty hits you” kind of a thing. You can barely see the way innovation works so well on vapes. It is an almost perfect vaporizer for me. I am so moved by this device out of many vaporizers I had reviewed!