* Diameter: 22mm
* Height: 103mm
* Capacity: 2ml
* Battery capacity: 1100mAh
* Output wattage: 50W max
* Resistance range: 0.15O-3.0O


* 1 iJust ONE (with 1pc EC 0.3ohm head)
* 1 extra GS 0.75ohm head
* 1 EC Sleeve
* 1 Glass Tube
* 2 sealing rings
* 1 USB cable
* 1 warning card

Jump in the bandwagon Vapers! Let us welcome another all in one vape by Eleaf the “iJust one”! This is a new vaporizer with a built in 1100mAh battery with a tank that can hold up to 2mL liquid. This is an all in one design aimed at beginner vapers.
The eleaf ijust one is cheaply priced at only $14.49 from efuntop

You can have it turned on in five clicks and close it by five clicks. And just like the other starter kits, you’ll see the LED light flashing on the button itself. It’s really just a small device, easy and comfortable to hold, pretty much like a marker pen. Yes, just like the usual thing for starters, it has a single button. The light on the eleaf ijust one button is where you can also distinguish iJust One’s battery life. From 60-100%, it will stay lighted up. 30-59% is slowly flashing. 10-29% will give a moderate flashes. 0-9% will be flashing frequently.

The device itself can perform a maximum wattage of 50 watts and it is self-adjusting from 1-50, while being supported by the 1100mAh battery. We also have here a dual circuit protection system that will secure both software and hardware. The device is protected from over-charging, over-current and over-discharging. MicroUSB charging port is located near the air flow. Airflow is at the bottom of the tank has a three slots on each side. The air flow is a built in and cannot be adjusted. The top cap is of course, removable so as the glass and the drip tip.

It comes up with a pretty convenient top filling design that I can refill effortlessly. I can clean the tanks easily by screwing the drip tip, top cap and the glass. This is pretty easy to remove and to detach.

Are you in love with a direct mouth inhaling? If so then the eleaf ijust one is perfect for you. It can be used for GC coils. How about with mouth to lung inhaling? Go ahead and use EC coils with your EC sleeve.

I got good flavor and an impressive cloud by this tiny vape! This is an awesome vape for beginners. Again, I used my RX300 with 50 watts to see the difference, well, iJust One is just quite left when it came to the cloud, more probably it might be due to its power source.


1. It is cute, very small. I see this as a good backup or as a gift for a vape beginner.

2. The ability to change from GC coils to EC coils is a great feature.


1. I really don’t get it why they have no adjustable air flow, mostly, when it comes to starter kits produced nowadays this comes as standard. I would suggest having it adjusted so beginners will be able to play with it and matched what they find as their taste or style in vaping.

2. The battery is not good enough for a day. I think if I would use it continuously, it might go low after, let us say, just around 3 hours.

3. It has a pretty small tank capacity.

As a starter kit the eleaf ijust one is really not that bad especially considering the low price. If I would rate it from 0-100, hmm maybe around 78-80%? What makes it a passing score is the output of the vape session I had, but it just bad that you won’t be able to use longer – may it be with the load of the tank or the battery life.