* Size: 51mm x 41mm x 90mm
* Working voltage: 9.3V – 12.6V
* Variable voltage: 2.5V – 6.5V
* Max output currency: 50A
* Max Output Wattage: 300W
* Quiescent current: less than 30uA
* Chip-set: IWEPAL
* Battery: 3x 18650 cells
* Thread: spring-loaded 510 connector
* Light up when working

It comes with

* 1x Manual
* 1x Warranty Card

iJoy have upped their game again and created a new box mod that looks futuristic yet still carrying a bit of their old style. The new Maxo Zenith variable box mod is the newest mod from iJoy. Instead of having menu screen and control buttons, Maxo Zenith used a lightning shaped knob in which you can between different voltage from 2.5 to 6.5volts; almost the same as what they did with their My Box and Wismec’s Noisy Cricket v2. This hard hitting box mod has a maximum output of 300W, ideal to use with their new ijoy maxo v12. Its powered by triple 18650 batteries.
The ijoy maxo zenith is very well priced at $22.99 from efuntop with code’zenith’.

Looking at the overall design of this mod, the shape reminds of Wismec’s RX200 and RX200s. The measurement is almost the same having just a hairline difference with the Zenith being the biggest compare to the other two.

At the top is where the spring-loaded 510 connection is located and right beside it is the huge firing button that will light up when firing. The LED will also serve as the battery indicator.

The body is made up of Stainless Steel with a diamond-ish shape which makes it an ergonomic easy to grasp mod. As I said, this box mod does not have an OLED display so at the fron you will only see the Zenith logo and below that is the Lightning-shaped potentiometer adjustment knob which determines the voltage output of the mod.

On the sides of the ijoy maxo zenith you will see the LEDs which lights up when firing the mod; adding a futuristic touch on the mod.

At the back is the battery cover with a laser engraved logo of IJOY. The battery cover is being held by four powerful magnets. Inside the battery compartment, you will see the markings for battery orientation.

ijoy maxo zenith

During my test, I used my Melo 300 to test the power of the mod. My tank is reading at 0.17 ohms and I usually vape this using my rx300 set at 200W but since we do not have a screen on this mod, I set the lightning know at 4.5 volts. The cloud that I am getting is not that much compared to my RX300 at 200W so I adjusted it to the maximum of 6.2volts. I do not know how to convert wattage to voltage and in this case I am more on to trial and error thing and compare the result with my variable wattage mod. The cloud production improved a lot and it felt like I am vaping it around 250W – 300W. Massive clouds but hot vapor. Adjusted the knob again and this time I placed it right between 6.2volts and 4.5volts; this is the sweet spot for my Melo 300.

Continuously vaping on the same setting and after 10minutes it started to heat up; being a high-powered mod, this needs the maximum possible vent holes to cooldown the battery. I put it down and let it rest for a coupe minutes to let it cooldown.

Using it for a good 3 hours, including the timeouts for cooling down the mod, I noticed that the cloud production became weaker which gave me the idea that the power output of the mod is being affected by the battery life but the light indicator on the firing button is still not flashing. I think the mod will continuously work and will not give you the low battery indication but will only limit the voltage output.


* The simplicity yet futuristic design of the mod is really pleasing to the eyes. Although I am not a fan of LED light on the mod, this one is well designed and compliments the look of the mod.

* The massive firing button is very responsive and clicky.

* Hard hitting, semi mechanical box mod.


* I hate the voltage knob. It will be easier and more user friendly if the knob is in wattage.

* The positioning of the firing button kind of limit the way you handle this mod. It was designed specifically to fire with your thumb, unlike the RX200 and 200s, which has the same shape but the firing button is on the front of the mod, you can fire it with your thumb or your index finger.

* The mod heats up from continuous vaping at 4.5 – 6.2volts. They need to add more vents.

This is a powerful semi-mechanical box mod. The quality and machining on this mod is superb. Although the voltage is adjustable, I do not see this as a mod for newbies. But overall, this is a great cloud chucking variable voltage mod.