• Material: Stainless Steel
  • Connection Threading: 510
  • Airflow Adjustable: Bottom
  • Fill Liquid: Top
  • Size: 25.0mm*70.0mm
  • Capacity: 6.0ml
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Applicable Heads: MGS Clapton 0.15ohm, MGS Triple 0.15ohm

The new Joyetech Ornate Sub-Ohm Tank is one of the biggest bad boys on the market. Having a tank size of 6ml and a width of 25mm, this tank will definitely capture every vapers interest.

The Joyetech Ornate is not a predecessor of any product from Joyetech, it is totally different from their other atomizers, with the aim of being the cloud and flavor chasers’ favorite.

Dismantling the Joyetech Ornate is quite easy, which is great for cleaning. It has the top fill designed with huge fill slots which is great for easier refill. Simply unscrew the top cap and pour on the e-juice and start vaping.

The drip tip is larger than the usual 510 tips, but the box includes an adapter which will allow you to use your regular 510 tips. I prefer using the tip that comes with the package, for me it is more comfortable and more heat resistant.

Inside the Joyetech Ornate tank, you can see another great attribute in the MGS ohm head, a juice control feature has been added. It is pretty clever and unique in feature in controlling your juice consumption. And I prefer it to be fully opened to achieve a greater flavor.

The box comes with MGS Triple Coil and an MGS single coil. At the bottom part of the tank, there are three airflow slots which you can choose to close or narrow down depending on how you much air intake you want with your vaping. For me, I prefer to set it fully opened for greater cloud chasing.

I first tested the Single Coil on my RX200s with Milkman Churrios, as per instructions, this head can handle 80W to 130W. I had my mod set up to 100W, the flavour was there and cloud was good.

I tried setting it to the max of 130W but there was not much of a difference. I got the same smooth taste of the e-juice and a decent amount of cloud.

Testing the Triple Coil was a different story. I always start my vaping at 100W, and although the Joyetech Ornate can handle up to 260W, I only maxed it up to 200W to fully test its vapor and flavor production.

However, the 130W wattage output setting was the sweetest spot for me. I got the top flavor of the e-juice and massive clouds.

But after continuous vaping for 20 minutes, the heat produced by the tank became intolerable. The Joyetech Ornate tank overheated at the level that it was almost impossible to touch.

When I tested the Joyetech Ornate, I set the two juice flow ports to be both fully opened and half opened at the same time. And surprisingly, I still got that great discerning flavor from my e-juice. I just hope that it will have a great impact in conserving the e-juice as well.


  • Bigger is definitely better. I mean who does not like a 6ml tank with two huge fill slots, that makes it super easy to refill.
  • 510 drip tip adapter. It is not that big of a deal, but it is a great addition to the product giving the option to use the original tip or the usual 510 tip.
  • Adjustable air flow control with stopper. However, I do like it better with the air flow control fully opened specially when I am hitting it around 130W.


  • The glass can be extremely hot specially if you are vaping around 120W and above.
  • Vaping at 150W and above on both coils (single and triple) tend to get dry hits.
  • Juice Flow control is too tight.

Final Verdict:

Size really does Matter! Joyetech Ornate is one of the biggest tanks in the market. And I would recommend it for both the cloud and flavor chasers.

I prefer the triple coil over the single coil for better clouds. Which is great for the Joyetech Ornate since it can handle a 260W output. And that is clearly not for the fainted heart.

The 6ml tank wins it, I know it is not that hard to refill the juice, but having a larger tank is a big plus if you want continuous vaping.

Another great addition to the product is the 510 drip tip adapter. We all have our own preferences and having the option to choose your drip tip is a major pro. The unique Juice Control is a great win as well.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1pc ORNATE atomizer
  • 1pc MGS SS316L 0.15ohm head
  • 1pc MGS Triple 0.15ohm head
  • 1pc Mouthpiece adapter
  • 1pc Spare glass tube
  • 1pc Seal ring bag
  • 1pc Manual & warranty card
  • 1pc Warning card