Size: 22.0mm*139.5mm or 25mm*134.5mm
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh or 3000 mah
Weight: 126g (with coil head) or 156g
E-liquid capacity: 2ml or 5ml
Resistance range: 0.15-3.5ohm
Applicable heads: BFL and BFLX series heads
BF series heads (exclude BF RBA) using with BF adapter
Mouthpiece: UNIMAX mouthpiece/510 mouthpiece


1 UNIMAX 22/25 battery
1 UNIMAX 22/25 atomizer
2 BFL Kth-0.5ohm DL. head
1 Spare glass tube
2 Sticker
1 USB cable
2 Manual
1 Warranty card
1 Warning card

Joyetech has new products more new starter kits aimed at beiginner-mid level vapers, the new “Unimax 22” and “Unimax 25”. So I am about to give a review on the products simultaneously. How? Well, they are pretty identical when it comes to features, it’s just that Unimax 22 is smaller in size and its atomizer holds less juice. Yes, we might as well call them as twins.
They’re both similarly priced with the 22 kit available for $27.99 and the 25 kit available for $28.49

They come with a special feature called TFTA (Top filling and Top Airflow) applied to both mods. They are easy to twist aside from the fact that they has a rubber o-ring. Twisting the top cap, and then going to the airflow inlet, you can already fill the tank with e-juice.

For the outside view of the Unimax 22/25, they both look nice. I find Unimax 25 better as I put the leather sticker, which is included in the package which of course will work on Unimax 22. Well, it still depends on your preference. I like the leather because it makes them easier to handle, for me.

It is a good thing that drip tip measures 510, the most commonly used size, because it does enable you to change your drip tip in any of your choice.

The firing button is made with LED. It is so easy to use. Just do the 5 clicks on the firing button to have it on or off. We are actually given two kinds of mode in here. If you are seeing a color orange in the button then it means you are in a constant voltage output mode. The supply is a constant 3.8 volts until the battery is fully consumed or drained. You can have it alter to direct output mode wherein the power of voltage is directly proportional to its battery. As long as it has an almost full charged, it will give you 3.8 volts straight to 0.5 ohms but as the battery goes lower and lower, voltage will go with it as well. In order for you to have this one, you’ve got to turn the device off then just softly press it, then you will see a flashing white color like five times.

Their atomizer comes up with the newly constructed BFL Kth-0.5 ohm (20-40w). Kanthal coil is known for flavor chasers but these two Unimax changed the usual drill. They produce good flavor and huge clouds at the same time.

There are only two differences between the 25 and 22, the batteries and the tank size and capacity. Unimax 25 has a 25mm tank with 3000mAh built in battery. While on the 22, we have it like the twin brother for it has a 22mm tank on a 2200mAh. the 25 is shorter than the 22 for like 5mm.

Let us now move on vape time!

I had them both set up on a constant voltage output. What I did was I puff them both for 8 secs, 8 times. They both did not give me a dry hit, very smooth and flavorful. Well, the clouds was one thing that I think I can add up as their difference, of course, since the 25 has a higher supply, it gave me more clouds than the other one.

I loved interchanging stuffs so I changed their tanks but there were no difference compared with my first session.

I used 22mm TFV8 mini tank on Unimax 22 and it gave me a tastier vapor but the same amount of clouds. Well, the taste is not way too far, so I would say that this is a fine starter kit for beginner vapers.

On the compacted twin, the 25, I used Smok Minos 25mm and surprisingly received the same flavor and clouds.


1. I love cool vapors and I have it on these two tanks.

2. The design looks sexy and sleek, pretty classy.

3. The flexibility of the coil building of these two is a plus when you use a BF adapter, and that is one thing I am looking forward to use.

4. I am a fan of flavor chaser and Kanthal makes it happen, even gives me more than I expected – good enough clouds.


1. The drip tip is not tightly connected to the tank, it gets detached so easy.

If you are a beginner, these two is a must have. Well not really like you have to buy them both but at least one of them depending upon your usage. It is a one handy dandy and classy type of a vape. In an out ten rating, I‘ll give it a 9.