* Threading: 510
* Battery Capacity: 6,300 mAh
* Minimum Resistance: 0.15
* E-Juice Capacity: 4.5ml
* Battery Body Material: Zinc-Aluminum
* Tank Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel
* Height: 5.16 Inches (131mm)
* Width: 1.57 Inches (40mm)
* Weight: 8.25 Ounces (234g)


* 1 x Kangertech K-Kiss Box MOD
* 1 x K-Kiss Tank
* 1 x SSOCC Atomizer Coil (0.2 Ohms)
* 1 x Set of O-Rings
* 1 x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube
* 1 x USB Charging Cable
* 1 x User Manual

I find this device as a post year gift for beginners in the vaping world and that is the new K Kiss made by Kangertech. This starter kit that I have received is made with outstanding level of materials. Believe me guys; I am so excited to review it.
The kangertech k kiss comes reasonably priced at $40.49 from efuntop

The kangertech K-Kiss tank looks good with its 0.2 ohm Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil installed. It is actually easy to have it used and replaced, just basic unscrewing. This one is great starter pack since it features a top-fill e-juice system that holds up to 4.5 ml of juice. The Pyrex Glass reservoir is another advantage compared to plastics because e-juices are indeed acidic and provides corrosion on plastic, thus will affect the taste of the vapor. While with glass, let us say it is free from deterioration which will provide a cleaner, purer and tasteful vape. The adjustable airflow control valve is dual that makes it on top. If you will try to change the coils, it can accommodate different kinds of SSOCC atomizer coils. With the Delrin Drip Tip, your lips are safe. The over-all tank is indeed versatile when it comes to customizations.

Out of the six different colors, I’ve got the stunning wood grain style that makes me feel so comfortable holding it. It has a contoured triangular shape. It is very ergonomic because it is not too big or too small.

This is so far the highest built in battery I ever had because we have here a 6300 mAh one. Yes, you can use it while charging also.

When it comes to functioning, this mod is one of the easiest to use. To switch on/off, you just have to do 5 clicks on fire button. Once it is on, the LEDs will flash and show battery level. All LED lights

are up when fully charged. When you hit fire button, LEDs will light up as well. The device will shut down automatically when you hit fire button 10 seconds long. When battery is drained out, the LED will flash 15 times. When the PCB is overheated, the LED will flash 6 times. We are indeed warned. I mean, the LED has a major role in creating signals to the user. Well, it does somehow compensate the absence of an OLED display menu, but it’s just a starter kit so not too bad.

It is vaping time! I usually use 75 watts so I’m pretty expecting that it will almost going to come close with my regular sessions.

The feeling of the mod in my hand was perfect; it is kind of like a matte finish. Because it is unsmooth, it is then “grabby”.

I started off with 60 watts and build it up with new cotton and the same juice on Limitless RDTA. I did a 5 second puff with both devices. Well, we all know that Limitless is one the best tanks ever so the K- kiss tank is quite behind in terms of the taste and feeling in the vapor. K-kiss is almost as flavorful and pure but I felt a pretty warm side. Maybe it is because of the SSOCC that is somehow near to the tip. When it comes to clouds, they produced almost the same amount.

When I interchanged the tanks, since they are both using 510 connector on threading, I had the same results as the earlier. The 5 second puff on the two provided no difference with my first session

I used the starter kit for a whole day and believe me, it lasts a long time due to the huge 6300 mah battery.


1. The ergonomic design is perfect.

2. It is very easy to use.

3. If we would compare to other starter kits, this is already innovative.

4. The ability of the tank to hold up to 4.5mL is convenient

5. The Pyrex Glass E-Juice Reservoir is an advantage/


1. The positioning of the fire button is a little bit odd and I hope they would at least make it bigger the next time.

2. I would have loved it more if the microUSB port is located on the bottom.

From the durality of the tanks down to the batteries, usability is at its finest form. Remember when I said it is made with “with outstanding level of materials”, I refer to the combination of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper. Even though we have here big number of combinations to the tank, it is still lightweight for me. As a starter kit, this is a one awesome device.