General Specification

* Brand: Stalin E 40W
* Material: Zinc Alloy
* Glass tank material
* APV Mod Wattage: 40W
* Mod Type: VV/VW Mod
* Battery Capacity: built-in 750mAh
* Battery Connection Thread: 510
* Original Koh Gen Do Organic Cotton and Kanthal Wire for Pure Taste
* Three colors LED light indicator to show battery level
* Main Product Dimensions: 135x 60x 25mm (L x W x D)
* Main Product Weight: 198g


* Starter Kit
* Clearomizer(3ml)
* USB Cable
* User Manual
* Extra Coil Head

The new Rofvape Stalin e is a Tobacco Pipe Shaped Vape. It is a wood type where mouthpiece has an anti-heating drip tip to ensure your lips won’t get burnt. Its atomizer capacity is up to 3.0ml. It also has four holes for different airflow control system, the more air to get in, the more clouds to be produced, while the less air going in ought to give out less cloud chase but more flavor and would keep the coils from overheating.

The Rofvape Stalin e gives a very comfortable hand-hold feeling. It’s easy to use with a single button near the chamber. The light indicated will be depending on the battery charge (Green 61-100%, Blue 21-60%, Red 1-20%). There is a microUSB port that comes along with the battery located at the base of the pipe. It has a short circuit protection that when flashes red light for 3 times, it’ll go on auto sleep. It will stop charging automatically when fully charged and has a 10 seconds cut-off protection when keeping it on hold for 10 times.
rofvape stalin e 2
Stalin coil is bigger than the usual, and it is sized at a diameter of 11.5mm with its length as 25.1mm. It is a very promising size for big vapor production. The tank has this Gold-Plated Brass electrode to prevent the brass from being oxidized and also helps in better conductivity of electricity throughout the mod. Unscrewing the atomizer base and coil will enable you to inject the e-liquid along the inner side of the glass tube. Putting it back, then just press the fire button and hit it up!


* It has a stylish design that conforms to ergonomics.

* It can stand on the table.

* Its long drip tip enables to cool down the temperature easily during vapor production.

* The Sub Ohm Atomizer with 0.3/0.5ohm coil produces huge vapor and pure taste.

* No leaking, no oil splashing and no oil inhalation into mouth.

* It has a strong built-in battery of 18350 that comes 7 kinds of battery protection.


* No display unlike the other vapes, and would hope for better controls on heating temperature.

* No Cleaning kit included in the package.

This vape is definitely for the ones who are after the sleek design and uniqueness. It is like designed for you to experience ancient times of tobacco smoking in a new generation. To be honest with you, this is an awesome pipe, not much costly, that can be used on the public areas. Price starts up to $32.99, and not a bad price for a fun collection piece.