Highlights for Quantum 80W mod:

  • Zinc Alloy Material
  • 1W-80W Output Power
  • Coil resistance between 0.1 to 3.0 ohms
  • Over Heat Protection
  • High Amperage Battery Sold Separately
  • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit

Highlights for Brit Mini Tank:

  • Stainless Steel and Glass Material
  • 22mm x 48.5mm
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • 510 threading
  • Dual coil structure
  • Top fill design

SMOKtech has recently released the Quantum Brit Mini Kit. It features the Quantum 80W box mod and the Brit Mini Tank.

The Quantum 80W mod can fire up to 80W with a resistance range of .01ohm to 3.0ohms. Similar to other mods, it also supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and SS. Then again, the Brit Mini Tank measures 22mm and brings forth two BM2 coils, both at 15W to 35W range. This tank also features a top fill tank at 2ml capacity.


Quantum 80W Mod
The Quantum 80W mod has a framework made of Zinc Alloy. It measures 40mm x 23.5mm. It has a conveniently located OLED screen. Mod color options are also available, Green, Pink, Black and White.

The Smok Quantum Brit Mini Kit introduces the OTA (Over-the-Air) technology. This enables vapers to wirelessly upgrade their firmware with the use of their smartphones. The long-established usage of a USB cable for upgrading firmware has been excised.

To take advantage of the OTA technology, simply download the compatible app for your operating system, pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. I see this innovation as one of the smartest things that SMOK created to provide utmost convenience to its consumers.

Smoktech also made the firing bar available for the 80W mod, same with the SMOK OSUB 40W. Hidden inside the battery chamber, the fire button is enclosed by a magnetic battery cover, wherein, the cover serves as the firing bar.

This Smoktech firing bar feature has now been widely accepted since their first release of the SMOK X Cube 2. And the rattling and sensitivity issues before were now fully addressed upon the release of the Quantum 80W Mod. The battery cover is firmly clutched by two magnets, making the lid stiffer.

Testing the firing bar, I find it firm and effective on its usage. I never had any accidental firing and when I steadily press the bar, it was very responsive and turned the device on instantly.

To check for any overhangs, I attached the Brit Mini Tank along with my Griffin 22 mini. Both fastened perfectly on the 510 connection, seated completely flushed.

I also love how the OLED display emits a bright and visible texts even under the sunlight. It has two rubber wattage and temperature buttons right next to it. Through the OLED screen the menu features the atomizer resistance, puff count, real-time voltage, wattage and temperature and allows you to set the vaping effect.

As for the battery life, it would depend on a lot of factors. Accurate gauging of the battery’s endurance is impossible. All vapers have different preferences on wattage and temperature settings and have different vaping styles. And all these affects the battery life.

But just to give you an idea on how long a battery may last on the Quantum 80W mod, I tested it using the Brit Mini tank with 1.2ohm coil, at 30W. I was able to keep the device going for the whole day. But when I changed to OBS Engine with 0.15 dual-coil, wattage maxed at 80W, the battery life did not even last for more than 4 hours. Clearly, the battery life depends on what build you use and the configuration of the device.

Having said that, if you want an uninterrupted vaping experience, always bring extra batteries with you. And also, the Quantum 80W Mod can only accommodate a single High-Amp 18650. So, don’t expect too much battery juice from this device. It was designed for comfort and portability and not for extended vaping hours.

The Quantum 80W mod has similar menu features as other advanced mods in the market. The only difference is the OTA (Over-the-Air) technology.

To access the menu, simply quick press the fire bar for three times. You will then be directed to multiple option available such as temperature and wattage control, puff counts, ohm adjustment, display settings, TCR and Bluetooth activation settings. Each option has their own sub-menus, but these are recommended for advanced vapers only, or else mess up the device’s settings if unfamiliar.

But of course, beginners can definitely use the Quantum 80W with ease no matter how overwhelming the menu may seem. Just set the appropriate wattage and temperature based on the type of atomizer you have and you’re good to go.

However, the most exasperating about this menu is that it exits the menu screen if you don’t select an option after five seconds. This can be frustrating to some people, like me, if it happens often.

Before I launched the OTA Bluetooth technology, I managed to check online reviews to check if there are any issues when connecting to a smartphone. There were a lot of feedbacks about lagging, crashing and

difficulty in pairing. However, when I tested the Bluetooth connection it was smooth and easy on my android smartphone.

Upon accessing the features of this new OTA technology from SMOK, I was able to remotely configure the menu settings on the Quantum 80W mod. Well, in my case this is more convenient than pressing the button on the actual mod that keeps on kicking me out of the menu whenever I missed to select an option within 5 seconds.

Another plus points of the OTA tech, is its ability to provide air updates to your firmware. Using the standard USB cable to do the updates when connected to a computer is no longer a need. Once the app has been downloaded to your smartphone, it automatically detects the update and your only job is to allow the update to go through, connect the Quantum 80W mod via Bluetooth, then install, that simple.

The Bluetooth feature of the Quantum 80W mod may not be as appealing as to geeky vapers. For some, it may just be a marketing strategy, since you can do the configurations using the standard way. And at the same time not draining your mod battery as what the over-the-air feature does.

Brit Mini Tank
Unlike the SMOK TFV4 and TFV8 tank groups, of which, both were famed for massive vapor production, the Brit Mini tank is a mouth-to-lung device.

Most vapers call this tank as a “flavor tank”. It gives out modest amounts of vapor, perfect for people transitioning from conventional smoking to vaping. But the flavor it produces is superb.

In addition to the Brit Mini’s features, it has a top adjustable flavor that lessens leak issues and a bullet drip tip – as the name suggests it, the drip tip is shaped like a bullet.

The Brit Mini tank offers a 2ml e-juice capacity, which may seem insufficient for some vapers. But what I can suggest is to use a 1.2ohm or a .06ohm BM2 coil-heads to save on your e-juice even when chain vaping.

I am more of a flavor chaser. So, when the Brit Mini tank was claimed as a flavor producing device, I couldn’t wait to test it. However, when I finally did test the device I was not satisfied with its flavor producing capabilities, there was nothing exceptional about its flavor. The draws were restricted even if I fully opened the top airflow slots. Other than that, the vapor was too cool for me, and I prefer warm vapor.

Overall, the Quantum Brit Mini Kit is a decent portable device. It fits well on hands and not bulky in the pocket. However, when it comes to vapor and flavor production, this will not be the best device for advanced vapers.

On the other hand, this kit is kind of cool due to its OTA technology feature that provides the convenience of upgrading the firmware and configuring the menu remotely.


  • No flooding or leaking
  • Top filling system
  • Responsive buttons
  • Bright display
  • Robust Cloud machine
  • Incredible dual coil
  • Durable Zinc Alloy
  • OTA technology


  • Insufficient flavor production
  • Restricted draws
  • 2ml liquid capacity may not be sufficient to most vapers