• 22mm size
  • Different glass tank colors available
  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • 2ml juice capacity
  • 4ml extension (can be bought separately)
  • Two build decks (standard and side-mount)
  • Dual or single coil compatible
  • Airflow control with condensation resistance
  • Spit-back shield
  • Top filling system
  • Bottom airflow control
  • Juice flow control
  • 510 threading

On its third release from the Goblin Mini family, UD Goblin Mini RTA made a mark again! The Goblin Mini V3 was released to prove the quality and performance that youde has become famous for.

The Goblin Mini V3 has been shaped after its Goblin Mini forerunners, such as base pendulum airflow control, top filling and a compact size.

UD has also made some enhancements on the Mini V3. New additional features include two 16mm build decks to accommodate single and dual coil, spit-back shield to provide outstanding flavor, and a juice flow control with adjustable airflow.

I received my Goblin Mini V3 and the first thing I noticed is the solid feel of the glass tank and a seemingly tough stainless steel. It is surprising that such a small unit, only 22mm, bears a somewhat seemingly unbreakable feature.

As has become standard the goblin mini v3 comes with 510 dip trip threading that exactly supports 510 threaded drip tips, and I did not encounter any wiggling of some sort.

The package includes a standard stainless steel drip tip and a delrin dip trip.

The build deck features two options. First is the two post velocity-style build decks to accommodate dual coil build and one side-mount deck to take in large single coils.

The Goblin Mini V3 is impressive, now that it has a larger space available to build. The diameters of the coils are thicker but unlike its predecessors, it’s not causing any issues due to the much larger space it has.

With its large post holes and post screws trap coil perfectly guided, the Goblin Mini V3’s tank is easier to wick. Make sure that your coils lie on the airflow holes then drive the wick into the juice chamber.

To fill it with juice, just remove the top cap. However, the one thing I don’t appreciate about the Goblin Mini V3 is its tank being too small, thus, the amount of space for juice filling is very limited. It can only accommodate 2ml of juice. But in fairness a 4ml tank extender can be bought separately.

Goblin Mini V3’s juice control feature truly works. You can turn it on and off by simply rotating the tank. Juice filling was made easier and less grimy due to it being leak-free.

I admire the bottom plate in the Goblin Mini V3. The pendulum styled bottom airflow is still the same but a metal cover at the base has been added to protect the top of the mod from damages caused by the small tabs and sharp edges of the airflow system.

The metal cover at the base also prevents condensed vape from leaking into your 510 port.

I like more clouds on my vapes and the Goblin Mini V3 definitely met that expectation. It gives satisfying lung hits especially with the airflow fully opened. And putting it on high wattage, the Mini V3 can surely contend.

With a chime of clouds coming out of the Mini V3, flavor is also a big factor. Out of the two different coils I tested, the single coil gives more flavor.


  • Adjustable leak-proof tank. By simply rotating the tank, it can be turned on and off.
  • A spit-back shield that does not compromise the flavor.
  • The new metal cover at the base of the airflow system that prevents the pendulum airflow from damaging the tank. Which also prevents condensed vape from leaking into your 510 port.
  • The vapor production and flavor are amazing. Comparing it to the Mini V2, the V3 outperforms the latter.
  • The low profile size is a big plus due to its convenience in handling.
  • The introduction of a single and dual coil decks gives me more options. And are relatively easy to change.
  • The 510 dip trip threading that exactly supports 510 threaded drip tips.
  • The build quality is superb. Solid feel glass tank and tough stainless steel.


  • The 2ml juice capacity is too limited, especially for heavy vapers. However, a 4ml tank extender is available but should be bought separately.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the UD Goblin Mini V3 has superb quality and performance regardless of its low profile size feature. I would definitely recommend this to vapers who wants an easy to handle tank due to its small size without compromising its quality and performance.