* Vaporize Essential Oil In Conjunction Of Herbs
* 18650 2600mah Battery
* Microusb Charging Port


* 1 X Vapedynamics Laguna V2.0 Vaporizer
* 1 X Extra V2.0 Mouth Piece
* 1X Micro USB Charger
* 1 X Cleaning Brush
* 1 X Cleaning Tool
* 1 X Dab Tool
* 1 X Vape Dynamics Laguna User Manual

The all new Vape Dynamic Laguna 2.0 comes with a portable smooth glossy pen style and it’s not too heavy to take out with you. Laguna V2.0 works with dry herbs, oil and waxes. This vaporizer can set in any different variety of temperatures and heats up pretty quickly and gives you a pretty good clean taste. Its heating chamber provides a full range of flavor and aroma experience for the user. I’ve got a woody grain style, color brown. My first pen vaporizer ever to own and it is very user friendly. Wherever I go, I charge through laptop or any power supply with the use of a microUSB connectors. The red light turns green once fully charge. Once charged, I simply load the heating chamber with my finely ground material and I am ready to vaporize herbs like a pro!

Before using it, be sure to see/read the instruction manual. Heating chamber is covered with a polyamide (PI) electro thermal film. It generates a more pure herbal flavor than a normal heat vaporizer. Talking about the temperature of this product, as pressing the button for three times it’ll start to blink blue. Now it has a temperature of 374 degrees Fahrenheit. As you hold the button for the next 3 seconds the blinking light will turn into green color which has a 410 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature setting.

Holding the firing button gives a 446 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature and suddenly you will notice the lights to turn red and there you go for the highest temperature of pleasure. This is a classy pen-style vaporizer that is capable of producing true vapor with absolutely no combustion.
vapedynamics laguna 2
Moving forward, the temperatures are adjusted depending on the type of the herb as well. As I tested it, I turned the mouth piece in counter clockwise direction, then putting some pot in it and start the course of my session. In just a few seconds, it just started to cook and started to vaporize for a few minutes and voila! It is really an incredible pen-style vape. True conduction vaporizing delivers the full range of desirable flavors and active ingredients for an experience that tastes, smells, and feels superb.


* Pocket-sized

* Versatility On Material That You Will Vape

* MicroUSB Charging Port


* Less Options For Thermal Control

* It Takes A Somehow Long Time To Cook

As I can say for my personal use, I find it as very promising in terms of its flexibility of usage on different materials. It is easy to use but I am hoping that in future innovation of this pen type, it will already give an option on controlling the temperature more accurately on how the consumers want it to be.