* Built with a DNA 250 Chip by Evolv
* Constructed from stainless steel, zinc alloy with leather side and battery cover
* Colors: black/red or silver
* Threaded/springloaded/Gold Plated 510 connection
* 0.91″ OLED screen
* Magnetic battery cover made of leather
* Powered by triple 18650 batteries
* Fast micro USB at 2 amps
* Balanced charging setup for safety
* Convenient customization via Escribe
* Passthrough capable: continue vaping while charging
* Temperature control range: 200°F to 600°F or 100°C to 300°C
* TC mode functions with SS / Ti / Ni200
* Power output range: 1W to 250W
* TC nodes lowest resistance: 0.10Ω
* Power mode lowest resistance: 0.20Ω
* Voltage input range: 9V to 12.6V
* Voltage output range: 0.5V to 9.3V
* Maximum current output: 55 amps
* Efficiency: 97 percent
* Low resistance
* Short circuit protection
* Low voltage protection
* High temperature protection
* Reverse polarity protection

Yoko Vape is a name I am not really familiar with, but they recently released a decent box mod that packs every great feature a box mod can offer. The new Yoko Vape Buster DNA 250 box mod features Evolv DNA 250 chipset, one of the best and safest chipset on the market. I know you have heard of this chip as it was being used by the famous Therion DNA 166 and Lost Vape Triade DNA 250.
The yoko vape buster is available from efuntop for $119.99

Evolv DNA 250 chipset offers numerous safety features. For me it is the most sophisticated chipset we have for vaping. It has short circuit, low voltage, high temperature, low resistance and reverse polarity

protection. It is safe to say that the safety of the safest mod is safe to vape even for the first timer. It cannot be more specific than that.

This chipset packs almost all of the features you can think off and it can be easily modified with the use of the Escribe software that you can install in your PC. It is very user friendly software; it can automatically detect your device once you connect it to your PC with the use of the micro USB cable. Inside the application you can access all of the settings of your mod, including the customization of your screen. You can also set your own custom settings like the wattage, temperature, preheat function and even puff timer.

There is also a way to monitor your mod’s performance and check the accuracy of your output. the yoko vape buster will show you the actual voltage and wattage while firing the mod. You can also adjust the ramp up time or the temperature of the coil while puffing. This is a great feature to have; you can play around with the setting and adjust it to your liking.

Looking at the overall design of this mod, it sports a leather battery cover a side panels. It is made from Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloy which gives it light but sturdy feel. The oval ergonomic shape of the mod makes it real comfortable to the hands even though it is quite big being a triple battery mod. The firing button is located at the front of the mod together with the 0.91” OLED screen that displays the battery indicator, wattage/temperature, ohm resistance, voltage, and the mode you are in. Directly below the OLED screen is the adjustment button and micro USB port.

The USB port can be used for charging your device and it features 2Amp charging. It even has a pass through capability which allows users to continuously use the device while charging. Although it is said to be safe to charge the battery inside the device, I still suggest that you charge them using an external battery charger. For me it is still safer for both the batteries and the mod.

While testing the mod, I used my eleaf Melo 300 Sub-ohm Tank reading at 0.17ohms. This 26mm tank sits flush on this mod and it actually looks good too. I set my Buster to 150W variable wattage mode and everything is on factory setting. Vaping at 150W, I am getting a nice amount of clouds, cold vapor production which gave me an impression that I can take the wattage up a notch. Adjusted the wattage to 200W and continuously vaping at 200W for a good 5 minutes, you can feel that the mod is starting to heat up, so I opened the battery cover and let the batteries breathe. Having said that, the mod is lacking air vents to the batteries; since this is a high-powered mod Yoko Vape should have though that the batteries will heat up and it needed maximum amount or air to cool down.


* The overall design of the mod looks stunning, the leather battery cover and side panels added class to the mod.

* The DNA 250 chipset’s safety features are just unbelievable. I mean there is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to safety.

* The ability to modify, customize and personalize the setting and programs of the mod is a great feature to have. Although some of the features requires decent amount of knowledge with the ohms law, this will entice the tricky minds of advance vapers.


* The mod heats up when vaping around 200W. They need to add more vents on the battery and board.